In response to the global pandemic, we have all been asked to slow down and take a break from life as we know it.
There is one vital area that has been neglected by both public and private programs: rental relief.
The specter of Covid-19 hovers over Martha’s Vineyard like a swarm of gulls at a Menemsha clambake.
Birthday parties have always been important in our family.
Even my dreams have gone down the drain.
For weeks now life has seemed strange, surreal, not grounded. This must be what suspended animation feels like.
Dear God, please let today be a good day, that is, a day in which I do not do anything too stupid.
In these stay-at-home days I am cleaning out my cellar and finding all sorts of interesting memorabilia from a lifetime of writing about travel.
I use the mug with the four leaf clovers, butter the bread made with Lost and Found Island flour, lay out the New York Times and Boston Globe near...
My mantra is attitude and gratitude. Attitude for me (I’m 77 years old) is a bit of a shape shifter.
My sister and I questioned whether or not to go home to the Vineyard to shelter.
This past week Camp Jabberwocky announced it was canceling its summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic.