I am driving with my son Hardy on I-95 south, headed for our first college tour. Hardy is 17, a senior in high school.
When I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 37, my world suddenly became engulfed in pink.
On a day when a double rainbow kissed an ashen sky over the outfield wall, when the sunshine refused to leave Fenway Park, and the raindrops dared...
What’s the buzz and the click? / My song of course, / though no one but I have ever tried to sing it.
I can see a headline now. SAYS YOU! Says Adieu!
As I prepare to leave this drenching summer in West Tisbury for autumn in scorching northern California, I am haunted by last September.
Autumn has arrived and summer has departed. It is the time of other arrivals and departures on the Island.
The progress of medical science in the last century has not only postponed death for many Americans but transformed it as well.
The datebook wedged in my memory reminds me of a few friends and family members whose birthdays fall on these early fall days. There are also a few...
Mosquitoes sang their evening lullaby. My mother tucked netting over my crib, and I, not wanting to be closed in, batted it away.
You can never predict how a vacation will turn out, despite the many plans you may make.
There were perfect waves the day the planes hit the buildings.