I’ve been teaching a workshop, How to Write Your Memoirs, at a retirement community in New Jersey.
Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have been a mother for more than 67 years, the longest job I have ever held.
In 1967, the average cost of a new car was $2,750 and the average cost of gas was 33 cents a gallon.
Annie Heywood was many things. She was generous, kind, funny, creative and persistent. What she was not was quiet. She was Chappy’s self-appointed...
Most people don’t like fog. Some say it makes them feel gloomy. Others find it scary, but no one bothers to ask the garden.
Old age is not a subject one usually talks about around the dinner table — unless everyone around the dinner table is equally old.
Hokule’a, the famous replica of an ancient Polynesian voyaging canoe, visited Martha’s Vineyard in June of last year.
As April Fool’s Day came and went recently, I remembered that Jimmy Cliff was born on that day in 1948.
Use it or lose it is an old adage, tried and true, that can be applied to a craftsman’s legerdemain, pasture lands or legal stratagems.