It's 3 a.m. Wednesday, July 17, and I awaken to intense light from the full moon streaming through my bedroom window.
Once the last cedar shingle had finally been nailed in place I removed the staging planks, the roof brackets and then the flimsy improvised staging.
With soft spots for youth and sports, and an almost finished basement, my family of four took the leap this summer and invited two Martha’s Vineyard...
Excerpt from a talk by longtime summer resident Don Brown on the importance of friendship.
It was 1945, the war was over and new people had bought the Home Port restaurant in Menemsha and planned to reopen it for the coming summer.
Review of A Travel History of Martha’s Vineyard: From Canoes and Horses to Steamships and Trolleys by Thomas Dresser.
The Island has long been a haven for travelers of all sorts.
On Sunday, I had an unexpected visitor.