The good Christian went walking one day. When he got to the town he discovered a grand domed building and approached the front entry. There he found...
Cold weather is coming eventually, so I’m in the process of moving summer things down to the shelves and wardrobes in our basement.
I see Gerry now, blue hooded sweatshirt, ball cap, blue pants. Rockafella, he calls me (and everybody else).
Sad news that Chappy’s Gerry Jeffers has passed. It won’t be the same without him.
Like many of you, I give thanks for our public schools and their teachers, but I suggest we give also thanks for our public libraries.
I hope some day we will look back at 2017 and say that it was the year the Vineyard community started to really do something about the problem of...
The day I came off the mountain having hiked Yosemite with 12 young women guides, I understood for the first time that life is a dance.
Five years after Hurricane Sandy hit Martha’s Vineyard in 2012, certain parts of the Island are still recovering.
The Bradley Memorial, the first African American church on the Vineyard, was demolished last week.