The following letter was sent to the Edgartown selectmen.
The following proposal below does not pertain to legitimate residents who choose to rent their sole residence during the summer.
Only on Martha’s Vineyard:
Years ago I drove an open bed truck. I always had to check to see if anyone had tossed their trash in the back while I was parked in town.
Hospitality Homes has been providing shelter during the winter months for those who, for one reason or another, needed a warm place to stay.
With the coming retirement of harbor master Jay Wilbur, Vineyard Haven Harbor will be losing its caretaker and staunchest advocate.
Last year I wrote a letter to the editors of my local newspapers urging homeowners, landscapers and gardeners to go green.
As a longtime seasonal resident of Oak Bluffs, I was deeply disappointed to learn of the damage done to the Edgartown Post Office during the...
It is with great sadness that we share with the Island the news of the demise of the beloved and historic North Bluff beach.