The Newport Beach, Calif. private equity firm that owns the Hob Knob Inn is trying to double the inn’s size.
In addition to all the fine qualities attributed to Richard Knight Jr. in his obituary last week, I want to add one word: Kindness.
Martha’s Vineyard lost a true Island treasure when Stephen W. (Stevie) Rose died on Saturday.
Register to Vote! Editors, Vineyard Gazette: A year ago the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard held committee meetings to create a plan for...
Recent letters to the editor raised questions about use of the Vineyard’s bike paths.
Early Saturday morning, I had to rush my husband to the emergency room.
Della Hardman Day is canceled this year to promote public safety in the age of Covid-19.
I was very sad to read that John Moffet had died.
I felt like a celebrity; everyone stopped for me. How weird that was.
I urge the MVC to reject this proposal.
Fifty years after 1970, I ask, are they still considered bike paths?
Unified Enforcement Editors, Vineyard Gazette; This is not safe. Visitors now have the impression that they can let down their guard, take off their...