America, probably the world’s number one polluter, is slowly making progress in the transition to electric vehicles. That’s a good thing. But why, when I sit down on my porch to enjoy the lovely Spring weather in peace and quiet, am I assaulted by the obnoxious sound of gas-powered blowers and hedge trimmers? Are rakes no longer used?

Today I tried to read a book, but was driven off by the nearby landscaper droning on and on — for over an hour — to blow every bit of detritus off my absent neighbor’s lawn. What, exactly, is the point?

Why can’t the towns at least suggest that landscaping companies upgrade their machinery to battery-powered equipment, which is non-polluting and far less noisy? Why don’t homeowners suggest to their landscapers that they try not to bother their neighborhood with non-muffled equipment?

I’m a peaceful guy. I think we should live and let live. But there is also such a thing as being courteous and respectful of others.

Steve Auerbach

Oak Bluffs