I have been lucky to have lived in beautiful Katama for over 35 years. Like many others, I was saddened by the devastation dealt by recent storms on South Beach. Over the years, I have witnessed the changes Mother Nature’s breath inflicts on those shores and the dunes from time to time. For each occurrence, the dunes would be reinvigorated in defense. This was something different. The landscape was transformed, damage extensive.

In December, my family and I walked Atlantic avenue and along the ocean. The damage to the beach, the dunes, the road was jolting. Last week, I did the same walk again several times and was both amazed and moved by the improvements that have been made and are still underway.

Thousands of grasses have been planted by hand as far as the eye can see. New fencing and signage to protect the dunes are up that allow safe entry to the beaches in four places along Atlantic avenue. The road crew was busy continuing their excellent work to repair the road. And they do it all with a big smile. The tireless work goes on.

I can’t speak to the details and extent of the entire plan, but I do know that this effort required the planning and cooperation of four departments: highway, park, conservation and dredge. Kudos to this partnership!

Katama is dear to me, my home. I thank all involved for coming to the rescue.

Sharon Guadagno