My family and I returned to our homes in Michigan after our 36th year vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.
Looks like my family and I finished our 10 days on the Vineyard in time to avoid the mishegoss (craziness) of an ex-presidents birthday party.
We were happy to safely hold the live Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival 2021 Summer Series last weekend.
I have read Merwan Robinson’s children’s book with much admiration.
A pressing matter at home prompted me to book a last-minute flight on Friday afternoon.
Something is wrong with this picture represented in the July 15 Gazette article on why Alley’s Store is closed for the summer.
My wife and I have been coming to the Vineyard in the summer for 40 years, and we have owned a summer home on the Island since 1985.
I want to thank the Gazette for showcasing Eric Adam’s journey from awareness to action on the issues of systemic racism in our country and more...
On behalf of the MV Peace Council and of MV Friends Meeting (Quakers) I thank Jeff Scheuer for his perceptive observations in last week’s Gazette.
A Gazette story on Monday highlights the increase in Covid-19 cases on the Island.
On July 16, the anniversary of our dad’s birthday, our family celebrated a closing with the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank to purchase our family home...
The Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse was defaced recently.