I don't think we've reached the tipping point of conserving our Island land; we've exceeded the tenable tipping point of building Martha's Vineyard...
The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank does not pay property taxes and in fact takes property taxes off the tax roll.
The land bank watched with interest the Island's recent debate and deliberation over the housing bank.
As a lifelong Democrat I am concerned about the partisan sentiments expressed in A Great Time in your Oct. 14 edition.
I am concerned that the bike path that runs along Veterans Park is closed for 14 days during the Beach Road Music Festival.
I was raised in the 1950s under the nuclear umbrella.
I was absolutely shocked to see your article Hunting Season Begins; Deer Are Plentiful accompanied by a picture of an adorable deer.
I wanted to reach out and share a recent experience while on the Vineyard.
Recently, we decided to take a walk to the beach after supper. A young man passed us, then stopped and slowly backed up.
St Andrew's Church, in collaboration with Island clergy, sponsored an event to support volunteers and responders who assisted the Venezuelan migrants.
I was dismayed to read the Letter to the Editor by Eric Glasgow in the Sept. 16, 2022 issue of the Vineyard Gazette.
As an employer of more than 60 year-round and seasonal staff on Martha’s Vineyard, we know how difficult it is to secure staff housing.