It’s not time to change the clocks yet and with lingering heat and humidity there’s been no chill in the air either.
There is broad consensus now that disease-carrying ticks constitute a major public health threat on Martha’s Vineyard.
It is the job of the MVC to weigh benefits and detriments when reviewing developments of regional impact.
Crossing the finish line. That’s how the end of summer feels for year-round Islanders who have been running nonstop since June.
State primaries can be lackluster, but not this year on the Cape and Islands, which has competitive and substantive races.
Within hours of the Gazette posting its first online stories about President Obama’s vacation, comments began pouring in.
Leaves are falling early. Swamp maples have already begun to turn red.
When President Obama and family depart Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, it will mark the end of another chapter in Island history.
There has been growing public awareness on the Vineyard of the cause and effects of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.