The blitz of bike sales on the Vineyard described in this week’s edition portends a busy season for cyclists on Island roads, so extra caution is critical.

For cyclists, that includes wearing a helmet, riding with (rather than against) vehicle traffic, using hand signals when stopping or turning and yielding to pedestrians.

For drivers, that includes exercising care when passing cyclists, looking both ways when exiting a driveway or side road and checking before opening your car door when parking on a street.

Under Massachusetts law, bicyclists have every right to ride on streets, even if there is a bike lane available. They are not required to stay narrowly to the right on public roads, and up to two bicycles can legally ride abreast. Cyclists can also ride on sidewalks outside of business districts for their own safety.

Technically, helmets are not required in Massachusetts for riders over the age of 16, but head injuries pose the greatest risk in bicycle accidents so they are strongly advised.

The narrow, winding roads on the Vineyard are as hazardous as they are beautiful. Please use patience and courtesy when sharing them, whatever your preferred mode of transportation may be.