One of the positive ironies of the Covid era is the way it has cast a spotlight on Martha’s Vineyard’s homeless problem.
With some five million acres aflame on the West Coast, one would expect the danger of wildfire to be top of mind for those responsible for caring for...
A sudden outbreak of Covid-19 cases on our sister island of Nantucket last week is a sharp reminder of the insidiousness of this virus.
Last year kids ruled the Derby. Standing at the top of the leader board for boat caught fish were three junior anglers under the age of 13.
Night comes earlier now, preceded by sunsets that startle the sky with streaks of salmon and violet.
With real estate prices soaring on the Island, news that two key Vineyard conservation groups have acquired more than 300 acres of rare, unspoiled...
We wish the transfer of power at the airport had been more public.
Edgartown wanted Katama Farm to be a working farm. The Trustees have been unable to meet that definition.
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission did exactly what it was created to do.
As the Island rounds the high summer mark, it is a traditional time to take stock.
The Steamship Authority general manager Bob Davis deserves respect and appreciation.
In a year like no other, a traditional rite of New England springtime was upended, with town meetings postponed, budgets trimmed, warrants downsized...