With the Steamship Authority’s online reservation system now back online, it’s time for the boat line to let the public know what happened — and how its hacked technology was restored.

When its website was abruptly knocked out by ransomware on June 2, the SSA did what it does best: it kept the ferries running.

Forced to rely on paper, cash and a helpful front-line staff, the SSA did an admirable job of carrying passengers back and forth between the Island and Woods Hole without interruption. If the inability to make or change reservations for 10 days created some inconvenience, it was a far cry from the kind of crippling impact that the ransom-seekers no doubt intended.

So did the boat line pay a ransom to the hackers? If so, how much and who will pay? If not, why not and how did its systems come back? These are a few of the questions posed by the Gazette that the Steamship Authority officials have staunchly refused to address.

While its website was still sidelined, there may have been reasonable justification for the SSA to stay mum. But with its reservation system back up, it’s high time for the authority to disclose what happened or, at the very least, make it clear why it cannot.

Criticized in the past for lack of clear communication with Islanders that rely upon it, the SSA has taken strides in recent years to be more transparent. Its reticence in this instance is puzzling, especially since it would appear to have a good story to tell.