The sun finally came out over the weekend, and so did more than a few unwary people, risking themselves and others.

On beaches, in parks, on popular trails and in the handful of shops and businesses that remain open, there is mixed adherence to social distancing recommendations to keep at least six feet away from non-household members. On Saturday, the state closed the disc golf course in Edgartown, citing an increased risk of coronavirus. In Chilmark, selectmen have ordered picnic tables removed and instituted a 15-minute parking rule in Menemsha, where groups have been congregating at lunchtime and sunset. In Tisbury, the board of health this week mandated face masks for anyone entering a grocery store. County commissioners, meeting Wednesday, agreed to keep an eye on parking at State Beach before making any moves to shut it down.

An analysis of Steamship Authority traffic figures published in today’s Gazette suggests that there are at least 4,600 more people on Island than is typical this time of year.

And as the spring weather improves, cabin fever and complacency are causing some people to let down their guard just when public health officials say they need to be most vigilant.

As of press time, only 12 people on Martha’s Vineyard have been confirmed to have Covid-19, the highly contagious virus that has driven much of the world indoors. But only 176 have been tested, and health officials say there are likely many more cases as yet undiagnosed. And for every one person who succumbs, an average of four other people may have been infected, according to those responsible for contact-tracing, the task of identifying and warning people who have been in close proximity to a carrier. Lacking widespread testing, the possibility of infections multiplying quickly is very real.

Difficult as it may be, now is the time to be scrupulous in abiding by a handful of guidelines to protect yourself and vulnerable members of the community.

• Maintain at least a six-foot distance from any person not in your immediate household at all times. If you are on a hiking trail, move aside to let others pass. If a beach is too crowded, find another. If the grocery store is busy, come back a different time.

• Wear a face mask in all indoor places other than your home, and consider face masks anywhere you may encounter a crowd. Face masks should fit snugly and provide cover from the bridge of your nose to your chin.

• Use hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes on all public surfaces.

• Don’t forget to wash your hands, frequently.

• When walking or running along the road, walk against the traffic; when biking or on a moped, travel with the traffic. This is the law, but also helps avoid encountering others face to face.

• If you have any reason to believe you may have been exposed to infection, self-quarantine for 14 days. Unlike sheltering in place, this means don’t go outside your home for any reason.

• Finally, if you are not currently on-Island, please don’t come back until public health officials say the worst danger is past. The Island needs time to prepare so it can welcome others safely.