Chappaquiddick-born John H. Pease first went to sea in 1812 on the whaleship Thames of New Haven.
For the first time in the history of the commonwealth, women sat on the jury of state court.
The Vineyard’s annual fishing derby is on, with its traditional excitement.
The weather is undoubtedly fall these days, by feel, by looks, by smell.
On this 30th year of our occupancy of the Old Mill, Mrs. Roberts has asked me to give a bit of background.
The Beatrice House was called the Central House, tents lined the streets of Cottage City and the tabernacle was roofed with canvas.
The illumination of Clinton avenue Saturday night was fully up to the high standard of excellence, established last year.
On a black night almost 37 years ago, August 11, 1883, a summer visitor stood on Vineyard Haven wharf.
When Lady Bird Johnson walks among wildflowers at the home of an Island friend near Watcha Pond, she steps lightly and speaks gently.