Cool, frosty mornings bring most people from their beds with an appetite for breakfast, particularly those who spend their days in the open air.
More times than men like to admit, it is the women who get things started, and so it was with the Vineyard Haven Public Library.
Indeed election night for ballot counters is an event.
From the November 3, 1933 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
The Island is not entirely without its fragmentary record of oddities, tragic, humorous, or criminal in character.
With fall half gone, or winter halfway alongside, take your pick, it looks as if the luck of the lobster fleet is just catching up.
The story of her long life begins before that war, and there is a touch of mystery and interesting tradition in the very beginning.
Fish and more fish! That was the burden of the report from derby headquarters on Saturday noon.
To one man the burning of the Sea View must have brought up a host of memories of the past.
Swept by a hurricane, Martha’s Vineyard presented a scene of disaster on Wednesday night.
The sale of the ship-chandlers’ store and surrounding property at Vineyard Haven marks the closing chapter in the history of that ancient institution
It just doesn’t happen anymore. The Labor Day exodus of tradition.