Winter is not new to the Vineyard. When the blizzards come and seas roar on the beaches, we remain snugged down on our Island.
It has been said that the hospital which stood at this place was the first marine hospital in the United States.
The story comes out of Gay Head, where memories are longer, than in other places, of wall building bees.
Seventy-five years have passed, and the wreck of the City of Columbus stands in marine history and in Island history in a pattern of classic tragedy.
I meant to astonish people on Martha’s Vineyard, which never has snow, by detailing the horrors of a blizzard in Megalopolis.
There is neither time nor incentive to hike the beaches in summer, when mild weather and low tidal courses leave the sands undisturbed for weeks.
Cape Pogue bay scallops graced the White House table in the ‘60s. At least two shipments were known to have found their way from Oscar C. Pease’s...
“Dear Santa — Andrew Bacheller is four years old and is asking you for three motorcycles. Happy Holidays. His Mom, Vineyard Haven.”
From the December 20, 1968 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: