Groundhog day was not so recognized by the rude forefathers of the hamlets.
Manuel Swartz Roberts’ famous boatbuilding shop, in Edgartown, is in the process of being sold.
If anyone in the fishing port of Edgartown should ask who knows most about the trade, many would answer, “Frank Osborn.”
On Jan. 18, 1884, the steamer City of Columbus was wrecked on the Devil’s Bridge at Gay Head.
The lights of the Baptist parish house in Vineyard Haven, were a beacon in the snow-shrouded streets.
From the Jan. 4, 1974 edition of the Vineyard Gazette by George Moffett:
From the Dec. 30, 1932 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
Christmas lights looked twice as pretty reflected in the snow. Houses looked twice as snug.
“Sixteen men on the dead man’s highboy; yo yo ho ho and a bottle of Tashmoo water!”