Today, May 14, marks exactly 175 years since the first issue of the Vineyard Gazette was published.

From the May 10, 1946 edition of the Gazette:

What is there about Martha’s Vineyard / That urged a friend of mine from Lebanon / To say, “I don’t want to die without seeing / Martha’s Vineyard.”

Reliant on summer tourism for their economies, the Cape and Islands have far more that unites than divides them, from a lack of affordable housing to...

After a cold spring that felt endless this year, including a baby blizzard in April, suddenly the Island landscape is lush and dabbed with color like...

Roots cross my path. Small birds cheep and hop in the crackling undergrowth.


Letters to the Editor

I respectfully write in opposition to the Oak Bluffs streetscape renewal plan.

Summer is upon us. This year, many more people are already on the Island because of relocation during Covid.

I am writing to thank the West Tisbury voters for passing, with a bit more than the required two thirds majority, the warrant article that designates...