Cairns, those manmade piles of stones and rocks, have been around for 40,000 years and are our oldest form of communication.

I hope elected officials on Martha’s Vineyard were watching as more than half a dozen states took steps to remove monuments to the Confederacy.

I’m more than half Southern, but I grew up in Massachusetts. Until recently I thought of Confederate statues as a matter of heritage and history.

Susanna Styron emailed me that she would be showing her documentary Suspended Sentence in Chilmark.

One of the memorable places of summer is the water’s edge.

It was 25 years ago that I met John Cruz. I was outside his house playing guitar in the Irish style of dropped tuning where you slack the strings.


Letters to the Editor

I’m writing from Kilkenny, (a medieval city, south of Ireland).

I continue to be dismayed that the Island does not mandate recycling.

For the past two weeks on the Vineyard I have been on the lookout for Barack Obama.