What’s the buzz and the click? / My song of course, / though no one but I have ever tried to sing it.

I can see a headline now. SAYS YOU! Says Adieu!

Spurred by the pandemic, initially as a temporary fix, government meetings held by Zoom have become nearly ubiquitous on Martha’s Vineyard.

Fall tiptoed in last week, like a teenager who stayed out too late and didn’t want to wake the household.

As I prepare to leave this drenching summer in West Tisbury for autumn in scorching northern California, I am haunted by last September.

From the Oct. 1, 1991 edition of the Gazette by Virginia Poole:


Letters to the Editor

What is happening nowadays in Edgartown is disturbing, a cause for alarm.

The thrill that I felt reading the headline about the land bank’s purchase of 32 acres at Red Gate Farm in Aquinnah was instantly followed by a deep...

Not that long ago, when Aquinnah was Gay Head, rusted Fords outnumbered Teslas, and annual town meetings were as entertaining as a food fight at a...