The new year is here, and with it the countdown to the presidential inauguration and a new and uncertain direction for the country.

The nation and the world seemed to be caught up in continual strife, conflict and despair that never let up.

The whole thing is that when a new year begins, we all seem to have another chance.

“Have you ever lived on an island?” I poured the rum, dealt the cards and pondered the question.

An edited selection from Gazette nature editorials.

Christmas day saw the first observance of on the Vineyard of the Jewish feast of lights, or Chanukah.


Letters to the Editor

We believe that any dog that is not a friendly dog should be on a leash.

I write to respond to increasing concern about the spread of Lyme disease and a purported connection to the deer population.

I am troubled by letters and comments in both newspapers which claim that enough open space has been preserved on the Island.