Generations of bigotry / Racist claws ensnarl / Those infectious thoughts / Rooted deeply in the soil

The uniqueness of the letter, says the Tribune, puts it in a class of its own

Discovering an engorged tick on your body while taking a shower is the Vineyard version of the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Early this year, just before the dark ages began, I was at the Dumptique looking for a picture frame for my “clown on black velvet” masterpiece.

In a normal time, when summer arrives vacation plans roll in. But since this is not a normal time our plan this summer is to go nowhere.

Traveling down the spur lines of history can be pleasant and exciting for anybody with gumption.


Letters to the Editor

I disagree with your editorial applauding the MVC’s decision to deny the latest iteration of the Meeting House Place subdivision.

I have serious concerns about the current plans to re-open schools this fall.

• Compassionate Care Editors, Vineyard Gazette: