I am writing this letter as a concerned part-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard and an attorney with experience in mass tort litigation.

I always believed that America’s greatest export was optimism. No country could rival our ability to dust ourselves off and start anew.

This time - his sister said these were his happiest times, just a few years living on Martha’s Vineyard.

In January after over 40 years with the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, I will be stepping down as its director.

Sometimes it takes a trip off-Island to appreciate the cost and persistence it has taken to preserve open space on the Vineyard.

The Hokey Pokey has arrived! The Hokey Pokey is everywhere!.


Letters to the Editor

It’s a sad story but better late than never, should be told.

To all who showered our family with love and compassion, we thank you.

We believe that any dog that is not a friendly dog should be on a leash.