At the height of boating activity last summer in Edgartown harbor, there was a pleasant surprise. Two dolphins spent three days swimming around.

Beside the roads or near them have lived all of those who have made Island history.

Why has the Hall family allowed prime commercial properties in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown to become public eyesores?

A tremor of mixed excitement and dread swept the Vineyard on Sunday.

Two years ago I led the effort to save and preserve the Vineyard’s unique and iconic historic theatres.

I am writing this letter as a concerned part-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard and an attorney with experience in mass tort litigation.


Letters to the Editor

I am writing about an issue that I can no longer stay silent about: plastic nip bottles.

I still believe that no matter how much we protest and march, this government will rush straight into increasing fossil fuels.

I diligently read the Bird News, to keep up with my Vineyard birder friends and would-be bird friends.