It was 25 years ago that I met John Cruz. I was outside his house playing guitar in the Irish style of dropped tuning where you slack the strings.

Winter, summer, spring and fall, Martha’s Vineyard depends on volunteers.

Come in June, she said, when rising tides are full of fish and days are long and summer is a bright prospect on the horizon.

I am not used to ill health in myself, which is why not too long ago I signed up to build a chimney with a friend.

“Millions viewed the eclipse.” So said the mainland newspapers, and the Vineyard added its thousands to the common mass.

Martha’s Vineyard can look with pride on its Civil War statue, built to express an aspiration as urgent today as it was in 1891: to heal a nation’s...


Letters to the Editor

On August 27, there was a blueberry pancake breakfast to raise money for the Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group.

Mother Nature again smiled for the Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival.

The article about lack of access in our courthouse for people with disabilities is another example that management cares little for the public.