Mild and slightly fishy. This has been the story of October so far with balmy fall temperatures and derby days stretching on.

Back in October, 1964 when I was a young spunk at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, we were instructed about the wonders of wire machines.

I wonder if you remember me. About 50 years ago, I worked at your boatyard in Edgartown.

The wood stove became a member of our family some time in the mid-seventies. We are on our fourth stove.

The reality is that Question 2 is not about our school district, but rather a question of supporting our greater commonwealth.

I have never had a warm and friendly relationship with cars. I know only there are red cars, green cars, gold cars, two-door or four-door cars.


Letters to the Editor

Thank you for friends and family who came from near and far to pay respects to our son, Mark V. Peters Jr.

West Tisbury without the Mill Pond would be like Oak Bluffs without Ocean Park. Crown jewels are precious, protect them.

I took a walk by Tisbury Great Pond at the end of Quansoo Road today. The water and shoreline are choked with green slime.