The whole thing is that when a new year begins, we all seem to have another chance.

“Have you ever lived on an island?” I poured the rum, dealt the cards and pondered the question.

An edited selection from Gazette nature editorials.

Christmas day saw the first observance of on the Vineyard of the Jewish feast of lights, or Chanukah.

When we gather at the Hebrew Center this Friday night at 5:30 p.m. for the seventh night of Hanukkah, each person will light seven small candles.

When I met Johnny Mayhew, my future husband, he had just returned to Brown University to finish his education after three and a half years as a World...


Letters to the Editor

I am writing about an issue that I can no longer stay silent about: plastic nip bottles.

I still believe that no matter how much we protest and march, this government will rush straight into increasing fossil fuels.

I diligently read the Bird News, to keep up with my Vineyard birder friends and would-be bird friends.