“The Ukraine crisis is something we don’t want to see.” —Xi Jinping

From the April 3, 1936 edition:

Blood Pudding by Ivan Cox is framed as a long-lost memoir of its narrator, Tadeusz Malinowski.

Jim Kinsella should be remembered.

There’s plenty of talk these days about the proposed Martha’s Vineyard Housing Bank. There’s plenty of talk about the state of the Vineyard, too.

Up the coast to another territory. Hollywood war music on the radio.


Letters to the Editor

would like to publicly apologize to Susan Desmarais for the offense and hurt caused by my remarks during her statement at the March 31 Oak Bluffs...

It is with many emotions that Ed and I hand over stewardship of Ashakomaksett Farm to the land bank today.

We have just received the news that the Ocean View Restaurant was destroyed by a fire.