Jimmy always reminded me of Peter O’Toole charging through the desert on a camel Long lion mane flowing.

The bird has made its home in my mailbox and she wants a lock for the door.

I wish I could say I went in undercover as a reporter. That’s not the case. I was a bona fide patient. Gosnold. Detox.

I’ve been teaching a workshop, How to Write Your Memoirs, at a retirement community in New Jersey.

It may seem to the casual reader of the Vineyard Gazette that in the lexicon of the famous, the name of Tilton appears with unusual frequency.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have been a mother for more than 67 years, the longest job I have ever held.


Letters to the Editor

Do four wrongs make a right? Apparently that is now to be tested.

Kudos to former Secretary of State John Kerry for speaking so strongly and intelligently on CBS Nightly News.

On Sunday evening Peter and Ronni Simon opened the door to their Main Street Vineyard Haven Gallery.