Recently, I heard my 19 ducks setting off a huge quacking alarm from their pond and ran outside.

Farming is a personal pastime, the relationship between farmer, the land and the livestock is a sacred bond, and the image of a taciturn farmer...

After Sheriff Robert Ogden canceled an agreement with Dukes County last spring that cut off a source of funding from alarm fees, the county was faced...

I grew up in what was once a farming community.

Some 50 years ago when I first moved to West Tisbury, the late Willis Gifford was a dinner guest one night.

From the March 27, 1970 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:


Letters to the Editor

The Board of Trustees of the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard have asked me to write this letter.

Dear Martha’s Vineyard community, friends, family, faces I know – names I don’t recall, musicians, dancers, fans.

After the recent, horrific and tragic fire at Flat Point Farm, I need to express some thoughts. To the massive response of first responders and fire...