The Vineyard has always been a place apart from mainland America. Perhaps that has never been more true than this week.

In August, the Vineyard Gazette conducted a survey to determine how citizens viewed the threat of tick-borne diseases.

Without any intention, I appear to be collecting a colorful array of bookmarks.

I set them on the basement steps. A solid pair of size 7T boots with handles at the top.

The Kuehn’s Way affordable housing development is named in honor of Robert H. Kuehn Jr.

The first presidential election reported in the columns of the Vineyard Gazette was that of 1848.


Letters to the Editor

We are never going to be a united country after this divisive and dreadful election season,

With this historical Presidential campaign done, I wanted to thank you for the discussion you published between David McCullough and Evan Thomas.

If you are thinking of having a knee, hip or shoulder replaced, look no further than our own Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.