We were so excited for this visit. Like so many, we suffered from the isolation of the past year, missing the little people we love the most.

From the July 11, 1975 edition of the Gazette:

The Tiasquam snakes across the flats / like a student’s handwriting, / curving and back tracking, in no great hurry.

Doors open wide / To horizon’s illusions / Of noble ideals / “Independence,” equality,” / “Freedom,” and “justice”

Next Friday, the International School of Engineering/Architecture (IEAC) of Cern, Switzerland will continue its preliminary assessment of the causes...


Letters to the Editor

The decision by the Olympics to ban Sha’Carri Richardson for a positive test for marijuana is a shameless injustice to a talented runner.

I owe an apology to Jane Chittick, for what I said in a Vineyard Gazette online comment a few weeks ago.

Oak Bluffs police chief Peter Williamson’s role in the Niantic Park development could have been a story by itself.