From the August 22, 1975 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: Alice D. Methewson doesn't remember when there were horse races on Whiting's field during...

100 million years from here / Two galaxies collide. / 10 million light years from here / two solar systems unite.

The Vineyard Haven waterfront lost one of its most valued advocates when Jim Lobdell passed away two weeks ago.

From the August 20, 1926 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

An open-air walking event / Not at all pedestrian / Organically home grown / Authentic to its core

From the August 13, 1935 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: The preliminary report of the most recent census of agriculture is likely to be somewhat...


Letters to the Editor

Trader Fred was not only the kindest and most generous man, but he was also the greatest storyteller ever.

The proposal to develop 81 South Water street is now reaching its final stage.

Your recent article about the Chilmark Community Church seems to imply that most United Methodist churches are intolerant toward LGBTQ+ persons and...