From the Nov. 4, 1932 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts 3rd was an exceptional spiritual force, community activist and health leader who improved our world.

From the Oct. 31, 1969 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

Gazette Chronicle, Oct. 20, 1950: The birds are now making autumnal sounds in the early mornings, but of course they are not the same birds that sang...

Paul Revere was the proxy for Martha's Vineyard Freemasons at the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in Boston.

It had been two years since the United Nations conducted its business in person, a period when world affairs veered dangerously out of control.


Letters to the Editor

The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank does not pay property taxes and in fact takes property taxes off the tax roll.

The land bank watched with interest the Island's recent debate and deliberation over the housing bank.

As a lifelong Democrat I am concerned about the partisan sentiments expressed in A Great Time in your Oct. 14 edition.