Welcome to my spot on the map/My dot in the water/Martha’s Vineyard/Could have been called/Bartholomew’s Haven

Vineyard genealogy contains few individual records as intriguing as that of Harlow Crosby, a farmer, resident of Farm Neck.

The low, throaty rumble of motorcycles echoed up and down North Road last Sunday, a brilliant autumn day on the Vineyard.

A mild fall this year has left many things still blooming, chief among them the roses that grace the Island.

"Not for love or money,” our hero might declare in an old movie when declining an unsavory proposal. And indeed the three cliché motivations in life...

It will be good to be on Martha’s Vineyard for the holidays this year.


Letters to the Editor

• Beautiful New Drawbridge Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

As anyone knows, the population of skunks is a continuing noxious menace.

All the discussion about Tashmoo eelgrass, all the meetings and formation of an eelgrass committee, was a waste of time.