From the Nov. 19, 1971 edition of the Gazette by Henry Beetle Hough:

It is one thing to live on an Island. It is quite another to do so as the sea rises, storms get mightier and the rain falls harder and more often.

As the fall sports seasons come to a close, the cross country teams are out in front — again.

Marc Favreau’s new book Spies opens with a gripping story.

Ankle deep, soles balancing on eelgrass beds.

From the Nov. 19, 1943 edition of the Gazette:


Letters to the Editor

It began with my annual spring trek to Martha’s Vineyard.

The Gay Head 10K Committee would like to thank everyone who helped to make the seventh annual Gay Head 10K, a Race for the Light, another success.

Regarding the Caleb Prouty House, how about: