We have a community issue of highest priority, but hardly anyone understands enough about it.

From the July 13, 1948 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: The Oak Bluffs Airport operators entertained a weekend flight group of “Ninety-Nines.”

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to dance — singing, too, but a little off-key.

We are Islanders from various backgrounds with a fairly broad range of political viewpoints.

This is the interval of the year and the calendar when it is more fashionable to look ridiculous than to look attractive.

It rained the day before high school graduation a few weeks ago.


Letters to the Editor

Our family is wrapping up 38 years of summer vacations on the Island.

My family has always loved the Vineyard, and we have spent chunks of time here since 1981.

Since April, the Historic District Committee (HDC) has considered plans for altering the 1912 Mayhew house at 81 South Water street.