Shirtsleeves in January. Spring flowers in February. Buckets of rain, but no snow and ice. A single snowy owl. A dearth of sea ducks.

Secrets of the Zamboni at the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena.

A red-winged blackbird perches

One swallow, as the proverb said, does not make a summer; but red-winged blackbirds are pretty well informed birds.

The ancient Mayan calendar ended in December 2012. Why it ended at that point has been the cause of much speculation.

The startling news last week that more than 1,000 people on Martha’s Vineyard were served in January alone by the Island Food Pantry is cause for...

An osprey stands on a pole by the water near East Chop. It is mid-February but warm and the osprey is comfortable, it seems, being early to the...


Letters to the Editor

I always enjoy reading Liz Durkee’s articles on climate change and commend her tireless efforts to increase awareness of the dire threat it poses on...

Recently going through the ticket office of the Steamship Authority in Woods Hole I made an interesting discovery. They have an electronic...

Reading about the 174 Steamship Authority trips in October that were canceled (many, if not all, due to bad weather)