Books where houses play a major role are often popular. Who can forget Manderly, Tara, The Professor’s House or Howard’s End.

Last month, I was shivering in Newfoundland, Canada. I had gone there to see l’Anse aux Meadows.

From the Cottagers’ Corner column in the July 1969 editions of the Vineyard Gazette by Dorothy West.

Twenty-five per cent of Island families whose children attend public schools participate in the free and reduced lunch program.

My earliest recollection as a child, three years old to be exact, was waking one night in the bed I shared with my brother Billy at 17 Fairmont...


Letters to the Editor

On Page Ten in the August 5 Gazette, I read the Workforce Housing Partnerships “Who’s saving your life?

After two summers of noise it appears that the building project next door is nearing completion.

Along with our fishermen, please cherish our farmers. They feed us.