The fast-moving, bitterly cold storm that howled across the Island last Friday and Saturday was one for the record books.

If you're a pet owner on Martha’s Vineyard and you have a veterinarian, you're one of the lucky ones.

Recently, I purchased a whole 4.5-pound chicken that had been raised on Martha’s Vineyard.

It began on Music Street / one summer years ago / with a long beach walk / to a whale's rib cage.

From the Feb. 9, 1940 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

I am running again. Not far or fast or carrying bricks in my hands to build up my arms like I did as a teenager.


Letters to the Editor

I am puzzled about two bird names.

We are writing about erosion on Chappaquiddick and the dilemma facing Jerry and Sue Wacks whose house sits perilously close to a steep bluff.

The West Tisbury affordable housing committee deserves praise and a hearty thank you from the Island's aging adult population.