This spring has felt more like a prelude to winter than summer. The trees are just now beginning to leaf.

Not long after my mother died in 2014, my dad and I performed a ritual familiar to anyone who has lost someone they love.

We present to our readers this morning, the first number of “The Vineyard Gazette.”

The simple act of planting a tree often symbolizes something long-lasting.

Some think growing up on Martha’s Vineyard is a ticket to easy street, nothing but day after day at the beach.

My parents have been married for 53 years and by all accounts get along wonderfully together.


Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to the vocal opposition to the plans by Thomas Bena of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival is not simply a four-day event at the Chilmark Community Center.

Let’s hear it for the arts and for cultural enrichment!