Excertpts from comments made by our elected representatives on Jan. 6.

If only Man would give way/ as peacefully/ as night gives way to day.

From the Jan. 2, 1970 edition of the Gazette: How a quirk of fate brought antique lanterns back to Edgartown.

An edited selection from Gazette nature editorials in the past year.

We are gathered on the porch, exchanging presents, sharing some champagne and crackers too.

A good fishing partner is as invaluable as a key to the gate at Quansoo.


Letters to the Editor

On Saturday, Dec. 19, six cars pulled up to my house and parked.

I am praying that Martha’s Vineyard schools make the hard decisions necessary to keep teachers, children and parents as safe as possible.

On Nov. 21 our husband and father, Kevin Brennan, fell off a ladder truck and sustained some very serious injuries.