Juneteenth and Father’s Day Third week of June A double celebration Of fathers we know And those liberated Over a hundred years ago On...

My father, Peter Hugh Hufstader, who died April 19, is remembered warmly as an educator, sailor, good-government activist and friend.

Master of Revels: A Return to Neal Stephenson’s D.O.D.O. by Nicole Galland, William Morrow, 2021, 541 pgs., $29.99.

From the June 18, 1948 edition of the Gazette:

The Black Skimmer working its way / close to shore — too close / for the Red Knots that arrived / last night from Argentina.


Letters to the Editor

My wife and I have been coming to the Vineyard in the summer for 40 years, and we have owned a summer home on the Island since 1985.

I want to thank the Gazette for showcasing Eric Adam’s journey from awareness to action on the issues of systemic racism in our country and more...

On behalf of the MV Peace Council and of MV Friends Meeting (Quakers) I thank Jeff Scheuer for his perceptive observations in last week’s Gazette.