Cold weather is coming eventually, so I’m in the process of moving summer things down to the shelves and wardrobes in our basement.

On Saturday night, Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish will take center state at the Agricultural Hall, just as they have every November since 1994 when...

As recently as a quarter of a century ago and long back in time before that, every Vineyarder knew Gifford’s Store.

I see Gerry now, blue hooded sweatshirt, ball cap, blue pants. Rockafella, he calls me (and everybody else).

Sad news that Chappy’s Gerry Jeffers has passed. It won’t be the same without him.

Like many of you, I give thanks for our public schools and their teachers, but I suggest we give also thanks for our public libraries.


Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers should also be prepared for an increase in annual operating costs.

The following letter was sent to the Oak Bluffs land bank advisory board.

Opponents of the five-foot fence intended for the Trade Wind Park met recently with the Oak Bluffs land bank board.