A six-part Marcel Proust series begins on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m.
Plumbelly, about a 28-foot sloop and the dynamics of its sailors, is Gary Maynard's debut novel.
Former President Clinton appeared before a sold-out audience Wednesday to discuss his new book, The President Is Missing, written with James...
Activism is what inspires Mr. Raskin and what motivated Vineyard author Alexandra Styron to write a handbook for young people on protest and...
In an often-humorous interview at the Chilmark Community Center, Michael Pollan answered questions and shared stories from his new book.
THE RIDDLE OF THE GRAVEYARD. By Peter Hufstader, Hedge Fence Press, softcover, illustrated, 180 pages, $18.
All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World is an anthology featuring 69 female authors. On Wednesday, August 22, the voices of four of...
Widow’s Wreath, Cynthia Riggs’ most recent book and the 14th in the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery installment, has just hit the shelves, and, like most...
Chef Deon Thomas’s Island Conch Cookery, chronicles the results, with dozens of recipes for the humble northern sea snail.


Arts Briefs

A six-part Marcel Proust series begins on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m.

Joyce’s Way, by Island author and storyteller Susan Klein, is the true story of the late Joyce Brigish.

Jenny Allen and Ann Fadiman will have a conversation on Wednesday at the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore.