The Chilmark Library is hosting a photography show of work by Vivian Ewing. The reception is on Saturday, Nov. 24 from noon 2 p.m.
Secrets from the Deep is the third installment of international bestselling author Linda Fairstein’s Young Adult mystery series.
Any traveler, or prospective traveler, will be entranced by this memoir by Canadian-born Eileen Maley, now quietly settled down for some years in...
Paul Dawson's first book of poetry is called Musings of an Old Man. It is guided by a narrator who does not look away from life’s hardships, and...
Enter John Kerry’s recent memoir, Every Day Is Extra, a decidedly heartfelt book.
A six-part Marcel Proust series begins on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m.
Plumbelly, about a 28-foot sloop and the dynamics of its sailors, is Gary Maynard's debut novel.
Former President Clinton appeared before a sold-out audience Wednesday to discuss his new book, The President Is Missing, written with James...
Activism is what inspires Mr. Raskin and what motivated Vineyard author Alexandra Styron to write a handbook for young people on protest and...


Arts Briefs

Joyce’s Way, by Island author and storyteller Susan Klein, is the true story of the late Joyce Brigish.

Jenny Allen and Ann Fadiman will have a conversation on Wednesday at the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore.

The Vineyard is no stranger to this Joycean gravitational pull.