The presentation of valuable old Vineyard documents and books to the West Tisbury Public Library by Dr. Charles E. Banks, author of Banks’ History of Martha’s Vineyard, was a notable event and there was a large attendance of townspeople, evidence of the appreciation of the generous gift. The donation is further proof of Dr. Banks’ unceasing interest in the Island and its people.
To Dr. Banks the Vineyard owes a debt it will never be able to repay. His volumes are a source of please to many. One of the large number is the writer of this article who finds in it almost daily reading and reference and who is constantly bringing its merits and treasures before his pupils for their study. It is such a spirit of love of the work that endears the name of Dr. Banks to all Vineyarders.
The collection just added to the West Tisbury Library’s Vineyardana through the thoughtfulness of Dr. Banks is indeed a mine of wealth. In this gift are a Fascimile Reprint of Brereton’s “Relation,” and Archer’s “Captain Gosnold’s Voyage”; Rev. Experience Mayhew’s “Indian Converts”; the same author’s “Grace Defended”; Rev. Jonathan Mayhew’s “Christian Sobriety”; Rev. William Homes’ “Sermon on Church Government”; Hector St. John’s “Letters from an American Farmer”; “Traditions of the North American Indians,” in three volumes, by James Athearn Jones; Samuel Adams Devens, “Sketches of Martha’s Vineyard”; the “Memoir of Ichabod Norton,” by James Athearn Jones; an Atlantic Monthly of 1859 containing an account of a vistit to Martha’s Vineyard; Will C. Kerr’s “Rip-Raps”; a “Tourist Guide to Southern Massachusetts”; Professor Shaler’s “Geology of Martha’s Vineyard”; Marindin’s “Tides and Currents”; “Tisbury (England) Past and Present”; Revolutionary Soldiers of the M. V. Sea Coast Defence, manuscript notes of Dr. Banks; an Account book of William Foster; and a copy of the third census of Martha’s Vineyard, taken in 1810.
Such is the list. The appreciation of West Tisbury was voiced by Judge Everett Allen Davis, president of the library, who accepted the gift from Mrs. Johnson Whiting, who made the presentation for Dr. Banks. Selections from some of the works were read by the following from Archer’s Account, by Mrs. Furness; from Hector St. John, by Mrs. Donald Campbell; from Devens, by Mrs. Evelyn Adams; Rev. Jonathan Mayhew’s scoring of “Pride and Extravagant Expense in Apparel,” by Mrs. Etta M. G. Luce; from the Jones’ work on Indian Traditions, by Miss Alveda Cleveland and Harleigh B. Schultz.
The meeting which was held at the Library closed with an inspection of the gift works by those present.
Especial credit should be given to Mrs. Whiting for her share in the occasion, and her continuing work to make the Library’s Vineyardana grow. To Dr. Banks go the grateful thanks of the community; he has added another reason for making his work and kindness a joy forever.