Outside, Indoors, Online, Easter Services Bloom on-Island
For the first time in its 142-year history, the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs will be open for worship on Easter Sunday, with three different Island churches holding services there.
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Christmas Service Around the Island
A unique holiday seasons offers virtual and in-person services.
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Keeping the Faith During a Pandemic
Maia Coleman
Religious institutions on the Island have struggled with the decision of whether to open this summer, noting the challenges of holding services in small enclosed spaces.
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Hearing Is Believing: An Easter Sunday Sermon
Richard DenUyl Jr.
A transcript of the Easter Sunday sermon delivered by podcast from the pastor of the Federated Church in Edgartown.
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Easter Weekend Virtual Services
Churches around the Island are hosting virtual Good Friday and Easter services.
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Island Churches Lift Up the Message of Palm Sunday
Louisa Hufstader
Worshipers across Martha’s Vineyard prayed and lighted candles during Palm Sunday services that were held online or pre-recorded by Island ministers.
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Virtual Palm Sunday Services
Religious services are still taking place around the Island in various ways.
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Virtual Religious Services
Many houses of worship around the Island are hosting virtual religious services.
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Baptist Camp Meeting
Vineyard Gazette
The dedicatory services at the new Baptist Temple on Vineyard Highlands Sunday morning, were very successful. Despite the unpleasant weather the friends of the Baptist denomination gathered in large numbers, and some two thousand people were present at the opening services, among them eighty prominent divines.
The introductory services were conducted by Rev. R. G. Seymour of Boston. Mr. J. E. Simonds led the singing and Mrs. Simonds presided at the organ.
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Legacy of Vineyard Deaf Community Endures Today
Holly Pretsky

David Martin, former educator and administrator at Gallaudet, visited Vineyard Haven on Sunday to talk about the legacy of the Martha’s Vineyard deaf community of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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