At the Tabernacle at Oak Bluffs next Sunday evening the services will include the dedication of the huge electric cross which will hereafter surmount the edifice. The new lighting system will also be used for the first time that evening.
Mounted on the highest point of the Tabernacle will be the electric cross of white enamel with pure golf leaf border, 12 feet in height. On each side of the cross, 30 powerful lamps will flash their rays. This cross may be seen not only from all points on the Island, but from a distance of from 15 to 20 miles out to sea.
The new lighting system, a vast improvement over the former plan, will flood the interior of the tabernacle with light. The entire system has been installed at the cost of about $1500 and the responsibility for this amount has been assumed by the president of the association, John Goss, Fall River. During the four year term of Mr. Goss the debt has been reduced by about $5,000 and the present season is expected to be one of the most gratifying in the long history of the association.
The Sunday evening service at the Tabernacle is to be of a patriotic nature, and patriotic societies are especially invited to attend. The general public is invited.

From the July 16, 1926 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:


Twelve Foot Cross Installed on Dome of Tabernacle

The new lighting equipment which has been installed in the Methodist Tabernacle at Oak Bluffs includes a twelve-foot cross which tops the apex of the dome.
Finished in white enamel and gold it presents a fourteen inch face and is illuminated with sixty-four lamps. The weight of the cross without either lights or wiring is in excess of four hundred pounds and it is constructed to withstand a hundred-mile gale of wind.
The illumination is not steady by consists of intermittent flashes occurring at intervals of about three seconds, the action being controlled by a thermo-electric flasher.
The interior lighting system of the tabernacle has been rearranged throughout, there being eighty-four lights in the dome and numerous other fixtures in other parts of the structure.
The present equipment of the interior is calculated to provide one and one-half candlepower to every square foot.
The work of installing the new equipment was done by the B. C. Cromwell Electric Company of Vineyard Haven.