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On Saturday night at 10 p.m., Sen. Raphael Warnock was on Capitol Hill, fighting to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. On Sunday morning Reverend Warnock was preaching on Martha’s Vineyard.
Raphael Warnock
Union Chapel
West Tisbury Congregational Church


The Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association has withdrawn both of the lawsuits it filed against Oak Bluffs this summer in response to town board decisions approving a planned roof replacement and 1,300 square-foot addition to the Tabernacle.

Award-winning playwright, actor and professor Anna Deavere Smith sees herself as a linking point between her subjects and the audiences for which she performs.

On May 15, 2021 the citizens of Oak Bluffs gave the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association $315,000 to help fix the roof on the Tabernacle.

The 30th anniversary of the Island's a cappella group Vineyard Sound will be celebrated on Saturday with an alumni concert at the Tabernacle.

The Oak Bluffs planning board voted 3-0 Wednesday to approve plans for a roof replacement and addition at the Tabernacle, but the approval hinges on clearance from the town wastewater commission.

The Oak Bluffs planning board is set to decide next week on a project at the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle that is the last phase of a restoration spanning the past two decades.