Adding to the Story of Racial Justice Through Community Art
Maia Coleman
Kneeling in the circular nave of Union Chapel, artist-in-residence Kevin Sampson worked on his latest community sculpture, drawing inspiration from African American folklore and the Black Lives Matter movement.
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Rev. Susan Sparks Returns to Union Chapel Series
On Sunday, July 19, Rev. Susan Sparks leads the service at Union Chapel.
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Union Chapel Closed, But Organ Restoration Continues
Louisa Hufstader
The pipe organ at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs was set to be rededicated this summer, 96 years after it was first installed in the historic house of worship.
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Union Chapel Dedication Proves the Enduring Power of the Pew
Noah Asimow

On Jan. 6, 1961, U.S District Court Judge W. A. Bootle ordered the immediate admission of two black students to the University of Georgia, ending 160 years of segregation at the school.

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Final Summer Sunday at Union Chapel
As the Union Chapel 2019 season comes to a close this Sunday, Sept. 1, trustee Reverend Dr. Aliya F. Browne will deliver the sermon, entitled He Knows My Name.
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For Son Volt, a Creative Stew Is Key to Originality
Holly Gleason
Jay Farrar didn't know he was creating a whole new genre when Uncle Tupelo began, just as he didn't set out to toughen up Americana with Son Volt.
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No Straight Lines: Valerie Jarrett Reflects on Her Life, Career
Holly Pretsky
Valerie Jarrett appeared to have it all: a degree from Stanford and a law degree from Michigan, a job at a reputable law firm. All the boxes were checked.
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U.S. Slave Song Project
Jim Thomas and the U.S. Slave Song Project will bring a special performance of 1854 A Folk Opera to Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs on Friday, August 23, beginning at 5 p.m.
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Union Chapel Welcomes Rev. Otis Moss 3rd
Reverend Otis Moss 3rd returns to Union Chapel on Sunday, August 11.
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Union Chapel Speaker
On Sunday, August 4, Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs welcomes back the Reverend Kenneth J. Kieffer for his fifth visit.
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