Camp Ground’s Tabernacle Is 125
Helen Phillips
The Tabernacle, which celebrates its 125th birthday this season, still feels young. A structure suited to a vast range of human activity, the Tabernacle - which towers above Trinity Park in the heart of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association in Oak Bluffs - remains a living landmark.
The word tabernacle refers to a temporary shelter, such as the tent sanctuaries used by the Israelites during the Exodus. But the Camp Ground’s Tabernacle has proved anything but temporary.
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Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Grove and Vicinity: Dedication
Vineyard Gazette
The new Methodist Tabernacle was formally dedicated Wednesday forenoon, in the presence of a goodly number of the clergy and an immense congregation. Rev. Dr. Morrison had the general charge of the exercises, which opened with singing, followed by scripture readings by Revs. Messrs. Brown and Hamlin. Prayer was the offered by Rev. L. B. Bates, followed by singing, after which Bishop Foster arose and commenced his sermon, taking for his text Ephesians IV, 30: “And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.”
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Will Dedicate Electric Cross
Vineyard Gazette
At the Tabernacle at Oak Bluffs next Sunday evening the services will include the dedication of the huge electric cross which will hereafter surmount the edifice. The new lighting system will also be used for the first time that evening.
Mounted on the highest point of the Tabernacle will be the electric cross of white enamel with pure golf leaf border, 12 feet in height. On each side of the cross, 30 powerful lamps will flash their rays. This cross may be seen not only from all points on the Island, but from a distance of from 15 to 20 miles out to sea.
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Seats of History: If These Chairs and Benches Could Talk
Steve Myrick
For many Islanders, the chairs and benches at the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle are synonymous with the place itself. Now the iconic 19th century seating will be restored.
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All-Island Art Show Transforms Tabernacle Into Colorful Open-Air Gallery
Ivy Ashe

Each year, artist Gertrude (Gee Gee) Barden and her family plan their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard around one event: the All-Island Art Show.

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At the Tabernacle: It's New and Different

New Era at Tabernacle

To keep abreast with the changing times, the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association has altered the way it brings in and hosts the summer programs at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs.

"Things have changed because public taste is changing," said program director Robert Cleasby. "Many of the groups that used to come wouldn't be of interest today.

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Tabernacle's Birthday Celebrated with History, Song and Applause

Tabernacle's Birthday Celebrated with History, Song and Applause



More than 2,000 people gathered in the Tabernacle Saturday night to celebrate the structure's 125th birthday.

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Tabernacle Cupola Restoration Mixes History, New Technology
Mark Alan Lovewell

The Tabernacle cupola is undergoing the most significant restoration in more than a century. The $635,000 project will not only preserve the cupola for the years ahead, but restore its key purposes of ventilation and visual distinction.

For Russell E. Dagnall, president of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, the work, called Topping off the Tabernacle, is but part of a much larger $3 million restoration of the Tabernacle that began almost 10 years ago.

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