Work on the East Chop bulkhead and jetties to prevent further erosion of the sightly cliff and drive, began on Tuesday when a gang of workmen in charge of superintendent H. L. Curtis of C. W. Blakelee and Sons, Inc., of New Haven, Conn., made the first preparatory moves on the big job at the foot of Atlantic avenue where the bulkhead will begin.

The bulkhead will be of creosote dipped plank and posts, the latter being driven with a pile driver every five feet. The planks will then be placed to fill the entire space regardless of the contour of the beach but with the upper edge level.

Already a large quantity of material is on the job and the schooner Coral of Nantucket arrived on the same day with more.

Mr. Curtis said that it would be impossible to state when the work might be completed, as he has yet only imperfect knowledge of the cliff and beach formation. But he was quite willing to offer the assurance that the work will be done before the autumn gales are due and therefore that the cliffs and sward above are not likely to be wasted further by action of the elements.