Closing of the naval air field on the Great Plain will be effected as soon as possible, and some of the buildings, together with the runways, will be diverted to the use of civilian aircraft. This is the announcement arising out of a conference on Monday at the N.A.A.S., attended by various naval officers, headed by Commodore Zeitz, and the county commissioners.
Officials of North East Airlines, which holds an Island franchise, were expected to visit the Island during the course of the week to outline their plans for commencing service connecting the Vineyard, through this field, with Boston and New York. How other concerns will fit into the air travel picture, so far as the Vineyard is concerned, is not yet clear. It was indicated this week that Trans-marine is still interested, and routes from Edgartown to Boston will soon be flown by the New England Central Airways.
The county board is taking advantage of the enabling act, foresightedly passed by the legislature nearly two years ago, which authorized the county to acquire an airport or land for such a purpose, and to employ public funds for the construction and maintenance of the same.
A small detail of the naval personnel is to remain at the field in charge of whatever buildings and equipment are not to be used by the civilian airline. The county will maintain its own civilian crew to operate the necessary facilities of the port, assuming full control, under the act mentioned, of its operation.