Just two days after Arbor Day, which comes April 26, is Spring Planting Day at the Christiantown Burial Ground in North Tisbury. The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club has planned the event at Christiantown, home of the now vanished Praying Indians, and will plant both seeds and actual plants of any wild flowers which members can procure and contribute. Gardeners are urged to take their lunch and be at the historic rendezvous at 12 noon on Monday, April 28, or if that day should prove rainy, the next pleasant day. Manpower for the hardest part of the work, digging holes and replacing divots, will be provided by the county, to which the burial ground belongs.

This native shrub and wildflower roadside planting is being done under the chairmanship of Mrs. Wilfrid O. White, in connection with the wildflower sanctuary, long planned by the club for this area.

While Mrs. White expects to have an assortment of native shrubs which have been made available to the club from nearby property, ready to set out, members may bring their own seedlings and plants, providing they can be regarded as truly Vineyard specimens. Among the most characteristic of the Island shrubs that would be adaptable for this type of roadside planting are viburnum, black alder, swamp azalea, sweet pepper bush, locust, beach plum and elderberry.