Reforesting Begins On Vineyard
Over 700,000 two and three year seedlings of pine and poplar are to be planted on the State Reservation this summer. The work, which is now in progress, is being done under the state Bureau of Forestry.
The tiny trees are planted in beds at first, and then, as they grow larger and stronger, are transplanted, being placed in spots best calculated to insure rapid and healthy growth.
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The Vineyard Forest Reserve
With the latest acquisition of land by the state, the order of tak­ing of which by the Department of Conservation was published in last week’s paper, the forest reserve on Martha’s Vineyard comprises about 5000 acres. Encircling the heath hen reservation, which consists of 640 acres, this tract extends over the eastern plain lands, the least valuable of any land on the Island.
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Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club
At the invitation of its vice president, Mrs. William M. Butler, the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club met at her summer home, “Mohu”, on August 12th.
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Vineyard Groups Forge Agreement For Conservation
In a move expected to give Vineyard conservation interests unprecedented strength in shaping the Island’s future, the Vineyard Conservation Society, the Vineyard Open Land Foundation, the Sheriffs Meadow Foundation, the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club and the Trustees of Reservations are shaping an agreement that will allow them to share their strengths and resources.
“We need to make just as strong a stand as possible to protect this Island and all the beautiful things we cherish,”said Anne Hale this week. Mrs.
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Island Center Honors Name of Supporter
Mary P. Wakeman, a woman who has devoted herself to the cause of conserva­tion on Martha’s Vineyard, was the guest of honor Saturday when Island conserva­tionists gathered at Cranberry Acres to celebrate her 82nd birthday and to start a fund-raising campaign for the Mary P.
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Lay of the Land as Seen Through Conservation and Agriculture
On Monday at the Agricultural Hall, farmers and conservationists gathered to talk about ways they can work together to shape the Vineyard's future with respect to the land.
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VCS Celebrates 50 Years of Fighting to Protect the Island
In June 1965, conservationists concerned about development on the Lobsterville moors sent out letters to residents asking them to join the fight “to preserve the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.” Fifty years later, the Vineyard Conservation Society endures, its mission unchanged.
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Three Sites Under Study As Marine Sanctuaries in Waters Off Vineyard

An Island-based group that includes fishermen, a documentary filmmaker and a world-renowned oceanographer are leading an unprecedented effort to create three marine protected areas in waters south of the Vineyard.

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Ramping Up Conservation Efforts Pays Off
By the year 2050, Massachusetts needs 52 per cent of the commonwealth to be permanently conserved as open space.

Currently, a quarter of the bay state’s five million acres is developed, a quarter is protected and the rest is up for grabs.

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Supreme Court Ruling Hailed as Victory for Conservation

In a case that has been closely watched by conservation groups on the Vineyard, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Thursday that a plot of forestland in the Berkshires cannot be taxed.

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