Next week is a momentous one in the history of the Clan of Cronig, Vineyard Haven, the thirty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the market business by the elder of the family, Sam Cronig.

Immigrating, as a boy, from Lithuania, Sam served his time on the Vineyard as a farm-hand, a handyman in the markets of the time, and finally a clerk and trusted employee. Thirty-five years ago the sign of Cronig Brothers Market was displayed on the building now occupied by the firm, but then including only a small part of it. Four members of the family presently were employed in this market, Samuel, Theodore, Edward and Henry.

There are still four, but Theodore is a proprietor in his own right in New Bedford; Henry, as the Island knows, has long since quit wrapping bundles and putting up orders, to deal in real estate; but Sam and Ed remain, and with them are David and Robert, two of Sam’s sons.

There is not today another business on the Island in which a family is so well represented, even though the force increases up to fourteen in summer, and far more than the four even in winter.

Now one of the older Island business establishments, the years have brought strange but welcome changes in business practices, since the stores had to do their own trucking, and working days were from daylight until long after the night had fallen. Next week, the anniversary week, the days will not be so long. The merchandise will not have to be measured and weighed from bulk, and there is ample room for customers and stock in the large store.

And Sam will wait upon the grandchildren of his first customers, themselves home-owners and heads of families, who have grown up in the village to recognize the integrity that is synonymous with the name of Cronig.