Edgartown planning board

Chappy Cell Tower Wins Final Approval

Marking the end of six years of deliberations and debate, the Edgartown planning board voted 4 to 1 to approve the installation of a permanent cell tower on Chappaquiddick at a packed meeting Tuesday night.

Tensions Rise as Vote Nears on Loft Apartments

The Edgartown planning board has closed a public hearing but has yet to vote on whether to approve plans for eight loft apartments in the busy B-2 business district off Upper Main street. Residents of the Dark Woods neighborhood are up in arms over the plan.

Debate Continues About Proposed Post Office Square Apartments

Edgartown residents continue to voice opposition to a development planned for Post Office square that is soon due for a vote before the planning board.

Market Allowed, Edgartown Business District Looks Bullish

The Upper Main street business district in Edgartown will see some new enterprise this year following approval by the town planning board of two business projects on Tuesday night.

The board approved a change of use permit that will allow the Edgartown Meat and Fish Market to open in Post Office Square, and also voted to allow a new construction project by the owners of Wave Lengths salon.

Town and Wireless Telephone Company Clash

The Edgartown planning board criticized wireless phone companies Tuesday night for claiming space on the North street telephone tower.

"When is enough enough? When do we get to say enough is enough?" asked planning board chairman Norman Rankow of representatives from AT&T Wireless.

The standoff took place during a public hearing for AT&T's request to replace three antennas, add six cables and install an air conditioner and radio equipment at the North street tower site - one of only two in Edgartown.