Herring Runs

Blockade Runners Once Used This Historic Creek

The work of dredging now going on at Tashmoo Creek focuses attention upon one of the historical landmarks of the Island and one of which very little is remembered or preserved. Indians called this locality Chappaquansett, and old records refer to the creek as Chappaquansett Creek, rather than Tashmoo. It is evident that the Indians frequented this place in the olden days, as sizable middens have been located nearby and others are presumably buried beneath the shifting sands or have been washed out to sea.

Big Herring Catch At Tashmoo Likely

The approach of spring is heralded on the Vineyard, as well as at many other points on the coast, by the running of fish. Fish are to be had at any month in the year if one knows how and where to get them, but no movement of a school or body takes place during the winter in the waters near the shore or the land-locked lakes and ponds.

The Old and the New Mattakesset

Mr. Editor: As you have kindly consented to publish any communication from those interested in the public good and well-being of the community, I think a short review of the past, as well as our hope for the future, may be profitable.