History of the Harbor View

Iconic Harbor View Hotel Parallels History of Edgartown

Its porches and windows frame Edgartown harbor and the surrounding landscape, drawing visitors from around the Island and the world. It is a favorite spot to sit back and watch the sailboats in the harbor, the changing skies throughout the different seasons and the fireworks on the Fourth of July.


Steering New Course for Captain’s Cottages

The polished hardwood floors, outdoor showers, stone countertops and crisp white paneled walls would be unrecognizable to Captains Bradley, Luce, Collins, Morse, Osborne, Rowley and Huxford, the whaling captains for whom the cottages at the Harbor View Hotel are named. Nor would the hotel employees who rented rooms in the cottages in the 1960s recognize them now.

Reclaiming Grand Dame of Days Gone by, Harbor View Hotel Completes First Phase

There's nothing like a deadline to keep a project rolling full
steam ahead. In this case, the deadline is a mother in law's
visit. The project to be finished in time for one of the
Vineyard's busiest weekends is phase one of a three year, $77
million plan to restore and enhance the former Harbor View Hotel on
North Water street in Edgartown.

Harbor View and Kelley House Conclude Sale at $45.1 Million

A Nantucket-based investment group closed on a deal last week to buy the Harbor View Hotel and Kelley House properties in Edgartown; total sale price was $45.1 million. The sale provided a tidy windfall for the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank, netting the agency just over $900,000 in fees. The sale closed Dec. 20 with four separate transactions. Scout Real Estate Capital LLC purchased the turn-of-the-century Harbor View Hotel for $32.5 million and the Kelley House pub and inn complex for $12.6 million.

Harbor View and Kelley House Hotels Ready for Sale to Nantucket Investor

The Harbor View Hotel, a shingle-style turn-of-the-century hotel that graces the entrance to the Edgartown harbor at Starbuck's Neck, is set for sale to a Nantucket-based investment group, along with the Kelley House, an 18th century tavern that is now a pub and inn complex spanning Water and Dock streets.

The properties represent a significant piece of downtown real estate in Edgartown, as well as two of the best known resorts on the Vineyard.

Harbor View, the Grand Dame of Edgartown Hotels, Celebrates Centennial

Elegant and proud as any schooner that sailed the neighboring waters, the Harbor View Hotel stands imposingly on the most fashionable street or historic Edgartown.
This grand old lady of Vineyard re­sort hotels celebrates her 100th anni­versary this year, and in keeping with her history, the hotel will honor the oc­casion with music, sport, skits, exhib­its, sumptuonus meals and high tea. The Harbor View will open the doors wide to all — the public as well as hotel guests — on Oct. 4, 5, and 6.

Robert Carroll Sells Holdings In Kelley House, Harbor View

Robert J. Carroll, a prominent Edgartown businessman, has sold all of his interest in the Kelley House and the Harbor View Hotel to Robert Welch and Stephen C. Jones of Iyanough Manage­ment in Hyannis. Stephen C. Jones is an attorney and the son of former state Sen. Allan F. Jones of Hyannis, who is also a partner in the Kelley House and the Harbor View and owns Gull Airline and Will’s Air. Robert Welch is responsible for running seven hotels owned by Allan Jones.

Mr. Havlicek Sallies Queasily Forth, Fishing for Philanthropy

John Havlicek didn’t say much on the way back from Nantucket, but then you really have to have something important to say to holler over a diesel engine growling at 3,000 rpm.
It had been a long seven hours at sea for Mr. Havlicek, with the time spent bouncing around Nantucket Sound telescoped in a way only those who have been seasick can describe.

Harbor View Hotel is being Sold to Carroll and Jones

By an agreement reached recently the familiar hotel landmark on Starbuck’s Neck. Edgartown, is being sold by the Harbor View Hotel Cor­poration to the Harbor View Hotel Co. Inc.
The new corporation has two stockholders, Sen. Allan F. Jones of Hyannis, president, and Robert J. Carroll of Edgartown, vice president and treasurer. The third member of the corporation is James R. Di Gia­como of Cohasset, a Boston attorney, who is serving as clerk.

Variety Reports on Alfred Hall’s Career

Variety, the newspaper of the show business, has found Alfred Hall and his career on the Vineyard of interest enough to justify an extensive story — part interview — by J. C. Dine. Mr. Dine’s story appeared under an Ed­gartown dateline, as of Sept. 6. Here, with only a few omissions, is what he wrote:
“The sight of Elizabeth Taylor or Bosley Crowther or James Cagney standing in line to buy tickets for a movie would be pretty unlikely anywhere, that is, but on Martha’s Vineyard.