Island Cup

Vineyard Sweeps Game of the Decade In Runaway Victory Over Nantucket

Almost everyone on the Island knew it even before the final seconds ticked off the clock. If they didn't, they knew it before the Nantucket fans sailed for home at 4 p.m. The Vineyarders beat the Whalers in the final football game of the season. It was a good contest – and it was a sweet victory.

Purple and White Is Smacked In Last Shut Out on Nantucket

The Vineyarders should have known better. No one eats whale meat anymore, and they couldn't change that Saturday on Nantucket.

More than 500 Vineyard fans chanted: "What do we eat? - Whale meat," as the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School football team lost to its Whaler rivals, 14-0.

Nantucket Defeats Vineyard In an Island Football Brawl

In what referees, coaches and spec­tators agreed was one of the dirtiest football games seen here in a long time, Nantucket High School toppled Mar­tha’s Vineyard 27-14 Saturday.
Referees kept warm in the wind-chilled weather by walking off more than two football fields worth of pen­alties between the arch rivals who fought physically and verbally from the opening whistle to the final tick of the clock.
“What they should have done was stopped the game early to cool down both teams or just started kicking play­ers off the field,” Vineyard coach R

Coach Bob Tankard Resigns After Decade on the Sidelines

Robert Tankard is calling it quits af­ter eight years as head coach of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School football team.
News of his resignation, following a 27-14 loss to Nantucket Saturday, came as a shock to his players, football fans and the high school athletic de­partment.
“I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile. My wife knew about it and so did my coaches,” Mr. Tankard told the Gazette Sunday. “It has noth­ing to do with our record this season or the game Saturday.

Island's Football Season Ends With Loss in Nantucket Game

At Nantucket Saturday there were two football games. One was staged on the playing field, properly, and Nantucket won convincingly, 34-0. Ultimately the only victim in that game was the playing field, and that will repair itself.

Victory on Gridiron Is Sweet For Vineyard over Nantucket

Thanksgiving feasting, means dark meat, white meat, and - this week on Martha's Vineyard - fresh Nantucket whalemeat. In the words of Coach Bob Tankard:

"How sweet it is!"

In the lobby of the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, it's time to shake the dust from the trophy case. It's time to shine, time to make room for the big one.

The trophy, all two feet and some-odd inches of it.

Bob Tankard Means to Win In Work with Vineyard Youth

Personal victories are what Bob Tankard cares about. He relies on them, he says, because they are messages that validate life and each person’s place on earth. Bob Tankard is the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School football coach.
He’s got the winner’s attitude and it just won’t quit.
When Bob Tankard says “I have a firm belief” or when he says “I mean it, I really mean it,” he clenches black hands into tight fists and squeezes his dark, merry eyes shut.

The Vineyard Battles Valiantly In Season Finale on Nantucket

Early on Saturday morning, a prevailing westerly sweeps the steppe called Martha's Vineyard Airport, and the regional high school football team hustles from the terminal into a potbellied Gull Airlines plane bound for Nantucket and The Game.

Nantucket Prevails in Football Finale Against the Vineyard

For the seventh straight year, Nantucket defeated Martha's Vineyard last Saturday in the historic contest between the two Island football teams, 30 to 20.

The game was played under majestic blue skies before a crowd of 2,500 spectators. It brings the overall record between the two schools to 23-10-2, in favor of Nantucket.

Vineyard Football Team Plays Gallantly Against Nantucketers

Saturday was a good day for flying to Nantucket — for a change. The PBA terminal was full of anxious Vineyarders hoping for an upset in the annual clash of the Islands on the football field. It was a gallant effort but in the end the Whalers were still undefeated for the season and the Vineyard has lost another close game to them, 12 to 0.