James Taylor

Islanders' Film Plays Woods Hole Festival

Born Into the Gig, by filmmakers Kate David and David Heilbroner, spotlights next-generation musicians including Sally Taylor and Ben Taylor.

Hootenanny Night: Amateur Folksingers Take Over Coffee House for a Night

From the Gazette archives: a story about James Taylor appearing at a Hootenanny in 1963.

Kennedy Center Honors for James Taylor

James Taylor, the singer-songwriter who got his start as a teenager performing at cafes on the Vineyard, was celebrated Sunday as one of five 2016 Kennedy Center medal recipients.

James Taylor to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

James Taylor, the singer/songwriter with deep Vineyard ties and an internationally-known voice, will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

James Carole

Cinematic Take on Club Of Joni, James, Jackson

Last Monday night a dream of sitting down with James Taylor was auctioned off at the Possible Dreams fundraiser. It cost a pretty penny. For those of us whose available cash runs more to loose change, how about a trip back in time to see James Taylor when he was just starting out and wearing a mustache?

The movie is called Troubadours and it chronicles the intimate west Hollywood club that opened its doors in 1957 and set the stage for a number of future careers including Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor.

National Medal of Arts Goes to Mr. Taylor

Although no longer a frequent sight on the Vineyard, James Taylor is still a frequent visitor in the hearts (and ears) of many Islanders. Over the past five decades he has been a staple of popular music winning two Grammy awards and being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 2000.

And on Wednesday, March 3, Mr. Taylor was presented with a National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama.