Presidential Visits

Visits of Franklin D. Roosevelt to Vineyard Waters

Twice the thirty-first President of the United States came close to Martha’s Vineyard, into Vineyard waters, once a few weeks after his first inauguration in 1933 when he skippered the yacht Amberjack II into Edgartown harbor and lay overnight, and again in August 1941, when on the yacht Potomac, bound for the meeting with Winston Churchill which resulted in the Atlantic Charter, he kept rendezvous at Tarpaulin Cove.
On the second visit little could be said. Radio and press kept silence, and even after the announcement of the meeting between Mr. Roosevelt and Mr.

Seagoing President Spends Night Here

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the nation’s first real seagoing chief executive, made port at Edgartown Sunday afternoon in the midst of the nor’west squall, and lay there at anchor until the following morning when he got under way for Nantucket. The visit was entirely impromptu weather conditions making it highly practical that he seek shelter, and the president did not himself land, although invitations to remain overnight ashore were extended to him.

Islanders Had Close Ties with Coolidge

The death of Calvin Coolidge was the occasion for much sorrow and sympathy on the Vineyard. The former president had visited the Island many times and several Vineyarders had close ties of friendship and association with him over a period of years. Ulysses E. Mayhew of West Tisbury served with Mr. Coolidge in the state house of representatives in 1907 when the future president was beginning his legislative ecperience.
Thomas A. Dexter of Edgartown, at that time on the state police force, served as Mr.

Roosevelt Slips in At Cuttyhunk, Only Stop in Dukes County

Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York, Democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States, sailed into the waters of Dukes County late Wednesday, although not into the waters of the Vineyard. The Roosevelt yawl, Myth II, slipped into Cuttyhunk after logging fifty miles from Stonington, Conn., where the previous night was spent, and Mr. Roosevelt stepped ashore, his arms aching from a long day at the wheel.
The Vineyard Gazette was in touch with the newspaper cortege accompanying the Myth II, and Joseph C.

Letter to Editor

West Tisbury, Dec. 7.
Editor of the Vineyard Gazette:
To me one of the most interesting departments of the Gazette - it would be hard indeed to name the most interesting - is the weekly quiz in Vineyard history. But last week my answer differed as regards the three presidents who have visited the Island, as I named Arthur instead of Adams. But before penning this letter I read Rev. Haig Adadourian’s article in the same issue, in which Chester A. Arthur was listed as one of the three presidents who have visited the Island.

Coolidge Visits Vineyard: Vice-President Guest of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Butler

Vice President and Mrs. Coolidge and their two sons, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Butler at Mohu, their Lambert's Cove estate, for several days. They left Tuesday. Others in the party at Mohu included Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stearns of Boston, and a member of the secret service.

Governor’s Day on Friday Last

On account of press of public business Governor McCall was not able to be the guest of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association on Friday last. It was the first time in a long term of years that the people of the Vineyard have not had the pleasure of an August visit from the chief magistrate of the Commonwealth.

McCall and Party Tour the Vineyard

Republican State leaders swarmed on the island last Friday. Conducted by the ever energetic Fred. W. Smith of Oak Bluffs, who was assisted by many of the Vineyard’s local politicians, next Governor McCall and his company were taken to every town on the island, and were unanimous at its close in declaring it to have been “a most delightful day.”
With Mr. McCall were Chas. S. Baxter, his campaign manager; Congressman Joseph Walsh, Calvin Coolidge, president of the senate; Senator C. L. Gifford from the Cape District; Councillor David L. Parker of New Bedford.

President Arthur

President Arthur and party went fishing off Menemsha Bight last Wednesday, in the U.S. Fish Commissioners' steamer Fish Hawk. The report that the President sent a bundle of state docucuments to be mailed at Nope lacks confirmation.




Sea View Reception

President Grant and his wife had a reception at the Sea View House on Saturday evening last, which was a most fitting close to the festivities on the Vineyard. The supper was of the choicest kind. The beauty and wealth of the Bluffs were out in full force and dancing was indulged in until 12 o’clock. The time consumed in the reception was an hour, during which one thousand persons shook hands with President. The dining hall in which the reception took place, always pleasant, presented an exceedingly fine appearance.