Portrait of an Artist

An Interview with Harry Seymour

Block Art

No car or bike required: from Main street to Winter street, from South Summer to North Water, you can hop from one Edgartown gallery to the next simply by crossing the street.

The Old Man and the Links

For this lifelong golfer, Vineyard courses are the Goldilocks of golf – not too hard, not too easy, just right.

On the Trail for 25 Years

Carrie Tankard and Elaine Weintraub had modest goals when they started the African American Heritage Trail of Martha's Vineyard with four stops. But now they're at 36 - and still counting.

Modular Matt

For Squash Meadow Construction’s Matt Gongola, managing a modular project is like choreographing a ballet — with the customers, the manufacturers, the movers and the many sub-contractors all on the stage at once.

By the Numbers: Survival of the Fittest

Illustrations by Chris Burrell.

When A Balcony Is Your Studio

Joni Bergen can fit everything she needs to paint on the narrow balcony of her Camp Ground cottage.

Back to the Future

An interview with architect Chuck Sullivan.

Five Things to Eat and Drink ... at Catboat Coffee Co.

Catboat Coffee Co. opened its doors in Tisbury Marketplace this spring and already the unique combination of great coffee, Middle Eastern take-out and artisanal cheese is a hit.

Storybook Garden

When a gardener is also a collector, magic happens – but not overnight. It’s taken years for Tim Rush to transform his once-wooded lot into the flourishing garden it is today.