Walter Robinson’s gospel opera Look What a Wonder comes to the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard NAACP.
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) does not make it into the bird news column too often! He is obviously well known as an artist. He is not so well known as a scientist.
I’m mighty fond of a stay-indoors-all-day blizzard, especially when there is no loss of electricity. I prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised.
Had some weather. A bit of wind. Touch of snow. Not unlike living inside a snow globe in the grips of an obstreperous toddler eating chocolate.
Before dark we knew we were in for a good storm even though there was a slight mix of rain. By Tuesday morning we had experienced a night with strong winds, gusts of 70 mph, blowing snow and colder temperatures.
I think even though we all watched the weather closely, there were those who still thought the storm might just pass around us.
Thank you to Jerome and Nancy Kohlberg for another wonderful evening of fellowship among the Vineyard Gazette staff and their significant others on Friday evening at the Harbor View Hotel.
There are so many memorial benches lining the Inkwell and Pay beaches all the way down to the Steamship Authority that one loses count over such a distance.
Classic movie buffs have plenty to love about the Vineyard in winter. Nearly every night of the week either a library or the playhouse offers a free movie.