I’ve been a delivery skipper since the late 1960s. I’m not a chicken on the water, but other people on boats scare me. I never know if that boat heading at me has a competent crew or is the local ship of fools.
Martha’s Vineyard turned out en masse to celebrate the Fourth and seemed to remain constantly on the move from the evening of the third, when Vineyard Haven’s fireworks display and band concert started the celebration.
Terry Crimmen has painted many traditional Martha’s Vineyard sites, such as landscapes and seascapes, boats and bathers. And for a time, he was really into cows.
Tommy May likes to wear his art on his sleeve. Literally. And your sleeves too. In addition to using traditional canvases, Mr. May paints his designs on wearable clothing — pants, jackets, shirts, shoes, whatever he can find in a thrift store or what a potential customer brings to him for a one of a kind fashion statement.
One thing becomes clear when talking with 85-year-old painter Marie-Louise Rouff about art and the world: she takes everything in. And what she sees will often find its way onto her canvas.
The Maritime Show, Sea & Shore exhibit reception is Friday, July 3, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Louisa Gould Gallery at 54 Main street, Vineyard Haven.
As the temperature rises and the Island prepares for summer, the Featherstone Center for the Performing Arts is getting ready to kick off a new and diverse season of events.
After last Saturday’s performance of Party People by Universes, held at the Vineyard Arts Project, company member Mildred Ruiz-Sapp addressed the audience.“Whoever is in the room when we are creating a piece is responsible for something,” said Ms. Ruiz-Sapp. “You are all responsible for having a voice or an opinion. So before you guys leave, we expect at least two pages in writing.” She was joking, but just about the written feedback.
The Gay Head Gallery is open for the season, featuring local and nationally acclaimed artists, photographers, jewelers and sculptors.