Mrs. Nancy Michael, known to most our readers by the familiar cognomen of “Black Nance” is no more. She departed this life on Saturday last, at a very advanced age. Probably she was not far from 100 years old. She had changed but little in her appearance for 40 years past; and those who knew her 50 years ago looked upon her as an old woman. She was a very remarkable character in her day. Naturally possessed of kind feelings, she was very fond of children, and unusually attentive to their wants; and there are but few among us who have not at some point been indebted to her. Possessed of a strong natural mind, she acquired great influence over some of our people, by many of whom she was looked upon as a witch. She professed to have the power of giving good or bad luck to those bound on long voyage; and it was no unusual thing for those about to leave on whaling voyages to resort to her, to propitiate her favor by presents, &c. before leaving home. Special woes were denounced by her upon those who were too independent to acknowledge her influence. In case of bad news from any vessel commanded by one who had defied her power, she was in ecstasies, and her fiendish spirit would at once take full control of her. At such times she might be seen in our streets, shaking her long, bony fingers at all unbelievers in her magical powers, and pouring forth the most bitter invectives upon those whom she looked upon as her enemies. Her strange power and influence over many, continued till the day of her death, though for two or three years past she was mostly confined to her room. Taking her all in all, she was a most singular character, and it will doubtless be a long time before we shall look upon her like again. She was a professor of religion, and we believe at one time adorned the profession. “May her good deeds long live in our remembrance, and her evil be interred with her bones.”