Photographer R. G. Shute took some fine views of the hotel Monday afternoon. The finished pictures are now on sale at his store, samples to be seen in the window. It is useless to say that Mr. Shute is an adept at the photographer's art, - as well as a thousand and one other accomplishments, - and in this case has been fortunate in securing extra fine results and has made a picture which every Edgartonian far and near will desire to be in possession of. Price 50c. Each.

The flag, white ground, blue border, red letters “Harbor View,” was raised for the first Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Eliott, of Boston, have the honor of being the first guests. Mr. Eliott is a most pleasant gentleman to meet, and, although his stay was necessarily short this time, may he hereafter come often and stay long.

The handsome counter in the office is the handiwork of Mr. W. P. Chadwick.

A piano for the parlor and a tennis court for the grounds are expected daily.

We hear complimentary remarks on every hand of Manager Drew on his courtesy to visitors in giving them the “freedom of the house.” The hotel, naturally, in the last two weeks has been visited by hundreds of our townspeople who are interested and curious as to all the details of furnishings, &c., and in every instance these visitors have been met with that quite cordiality and courtesy which are characteristics of the model landlord, and which traits will be appreciated the coming summer by the hundreds of guests who will find a home at the “Harbor View.”