The forest fire which races across the large section of the island known as “The Plains” lasted two days and burned through to West Tisbury. More than 200 men had a hard fight before the flames were subdued.

Two and a half hours from the start the fire reached Pine farm, owned by Ariel B. Scott, where the flames claimed a barn, destroyed a corn crib, hen houses and a building in which were two incubators, wagon and tools and a flock of hens.

A barn on the estate of Thomas Waldron was burned, as well as the barn on the farm of William H. Vincent, with the hay tools and a mowing machine.

From some of the dwellings bordering on the course of the fire the furniture and other movables were conveyed to a place of safety.

Much valuable standing wood was burned, variously estimated at from 100 to 150 acres, and some 5,000 acres of brush land. The fire came within about 500 feet of the fine residence of Allen Look, and that of his son, F. Allen Look, also very near the summer home of Herman Streator  of Boston.

The fire had its origin on the farm of Capt. Benjamin C. Cromwell, where, on Thursday he and his men were burning brush. As the last pile was fired the wind came with hurricane force and changed from west to northeast, lifting the burning mass high into the air, where it seemed to burst, throwing the embers in all directions.

Sudden was the outburst of flames and smoke that the horses which were plowing a short distance away were scorched and were in danger of being overcome. The plow was destroyed in the furrow, and the fire immediately broke all bounds and sped away on its ruinous course. - [Cor. N. B. Standard.