Firefighters Knock Down Tashmoo Boat Fire

Island fire departments joined an all-out response Friday morning to a boat fire in Lake Tashmoo. Officials said there were no injuries and damage was largely contained to the boat.

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Vineyard Haven Fire
The entire business portion of the town, as already stated, was totally destroyed on Saturday night, Aug. 11th. Twenty-six stores, thirty-two dwellings, two stables, and twelve barns and smaller buildings were burned. Desolation is abroad in the streets. Some of the sufferers have lost all; others have an inconsiderable insurance. The majority had not their property insured for more than half the nominal value. The heaviest losses perhaps fall upon the Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
The Mansion House will probably be rebuilt.
L. T.
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Firefighters Quell Quick-Moving Brush Fire in West Tisbury

A large brush fire off Takemmy Path in West Tisbury was put out Wednesday after an all-out response by firefighters. No one was harmed, though wind blew the flames within 50 feet of a nearby home.

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Katama Home Damaged in Afternoon Fire

The Edgartown fire department knocked down a Thursday afternoon fire that seriously damaged a Katama home.

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Early Arrivals at Fire Scene Could Judge How Narrow the Saving Margin Really Was
Only the quick action of Capt. Samuel B. Norton, the skill and equipment of the Edgartown Fire Department, the aid of the sprinkler system just installed and not ready to function automatically, and one or two elements of chance such as a lack of wind and the time at which smoke and flames appeared over and through the building, prevented the destruction of the Harbor View Ho­tel in what was so nearly a disas­trous conflagration late Wednesday afternoon.
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Sea View In Ashes
COTTAGE CITY, Sept. 26, 1892. At 11.45 on Saturday night, watchman Lewis rung in the alarm from box 41, at the Arcade, and people jumped from their beds and rushes to the windows and saw, with dismay, the eastern sky brilliantly illuminated, directly over the Sea View House. Cries of “Fire!” “Fire!” “The Sea View House!” “The Sea View House!!” rent the stillness of the night, the light in the heavens contrasting vividly with the darkness, the sky being overcast with heavy clouds, from which at times the rain descended, as if weeping in sorrow over the awful catastrophe.
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It Took Many Years for the Gazette to Fully Report the Tisbury Fire
The Tisbury fire, which began one summer evening in the very heart of downtown Vineyard Haven, destroyed 62 buildings valued at $200,000. Photographs of the center of the village the next morning show smears and patches of black spread across a grid of lanes and roads. Every store but one burned to the ground.
Samuel Keniston was an energetic editor, but one weeps over his judgment here.
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Firefighters Brave Blizzard Conditions to Quell Garage Blaze
Firefighters and emergency personnel faced high winds and driving snow Saturday at a garage fire in Edgartown.
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Oak Bluffs Woman Recovering After Sustaining Burns in House Fire

An Oak Bluffs woman who was seriously burned early Saturday morning in an Oak Bluffs house fire has been upgraded to good condition.

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Edgartown Firefighters Respond to Smoky House Fire

Edgartown firefighters responded Wednesday to a smoky, stubborn house fire at 38 Pinehurst Road. Smoke drifted out of roof vents and open windows as firefighters searched for the source.

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